Gilbey's Vodka, 1.75L

Gilbey's Vodka, 1.75L

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Gilbey's Vodka is produced from the finest and costliest grains and is carefully distilled. 

The famous recipe for Gilbey’s® Gin was born in nineteenth-century England. It became such a popular gin throughout the world that a license to produce it in the United States was granted in 1938.

In making a fine London Dry Gin such as Gilbey’s, the fermentation process is similar to whiskey production. The fundamental difference is that the congeners, the natural taste elements that are so necessary to Bourbon and Scotch are absent.

Instead, gin’s flavor is introduced to the alcohol when it is in a vaporous form and made to pass through a “filter” of juniper berries, herbs, and spices.

Category: Spirit - Vodka

Geography: Canada

Alcohol by volume: 40.0%